Hatboro 1/10

Here are some detail shots of "Profiling," my first attempt at using screen printing to support my drawing process. This piece was extremely difficult to document, since the values are so subtle and the graphite would reflect light. The drawing fits within 17"x6". The piece feels a bit empty to me, but I'm ecstatic about the new possibilities of this media combination.

I took an online academic course this winter, which prevented me from making work over break like I normally do. I also feel like I never got the opportunity to actually rest, so I don't feel ready for my final semester. But I'm sure I'll adjust once I get back to MICA ~

Hatboro 5/13

Being back at home and having an internship is really slowing my workpace, but I'm determined to get this done eventually. I kind of abandoned my old idea for this project to make something a little more intuitive. Hopefully as I fill in more spaces it'll work.