Face studies capture the likeness of the person being drawn, but allows for negative space and other elements of the drawing process to be exposed. Emerging in and out of space, I am able to create a portrait for you that saves me time & you money! I love working this way, because there is an opportunity to play with the pencil marks and inbetween stages of the drawing that balance out the level of polish. Prices vary depending on the size, media, and level of detail - but overall is an affordable alternative to a striking portrait commission.

Isaac Pic muchhh betaa.jpg


The Bust is more of a standard portrait - one that captures all the details in the face and hair, but the background and clothing become secondary elements. Prices vary depending on size and media.

For Hana.jpg


Portraits with Full Detail are a true investment to the subject being drawn. Face, hair, hands, and space are all treated with intense detail. Moments in the clothing and background may be softened to hold focus on the portrait, but it otherwise is a full commitment that may take months to complete. This is for when you want to commission something really special!