Garment designed by Chaahat Thakker |  Photography by Hana Hassan |

Garment designed by Chaahat Thakker |

Photography by Hana Hassan |

About Haley Manchon

Haley Manchon grew up in a small town outside of Philadelphia and has just received her BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art. She now works in a studio alongside Kelly Sullivan, a fine artist based in Lambertville, New Jersey. Haley is building a new body of work for a 3-person show next year, and is available for commissions.

Her work has recently exhibited at the Phillips’ Mill 89th Annual Juried Exhibition; the Colored Pencil Society of America's 26th Annual International Exhibition in Chicago, Illinois; MICA's Artwalk; Keisho Art Exhibition at the Wakaimi art school in Japan; the MICA/SACI Amalgamation exhibition in Florence; the Disegno 8: Contemporary Undergraduate Drawing Exhibition; the AICAD Crosscurrents Exhibition in Philadelphia, PA; the Rehoboth Art League in Rehoboth Beach, DE; and the MICA Juried Undergrad Exhibition.

Artist Statement

My current body of work is concerned with the overwhelming influx of information available today through technology, and more specifically the frustration associated with navigating this information to find some sort of truth within a mass of fiction and bias. My drawings of glitched images are a reaction to this as I attempt to make sense of an infinitely changing body of material.       

Looking over photos that I took during my trips abroad, I realized the beauty that came from the impossible body of a natural glitch and wanted to focus on it. It was when I first considered the camera lens’ failure to capture reality as a metaphor for our current state of being.

Using colored pencil, I embrace the source material for what it is, emphasizing the pixels, color combinations, and fracturing that occurs when taking a photo.

Additionally, I am beginning to recognize the value in my sketchbook drawings and my love for illustrative designs. There is a current struggle to find a balance or merge this love with my main body of drawings, but I am determined to build both simultaneously until I reach a point that I'm satisfied with.